Edward Kelly (1752-1834)


How would you like to have 65 grandchildren? Better yet, how about 300 great-grandchildren? Those are the current totals for Edward and Biddy Kelly. And you think you have problems at Christmastime!

Please review the information we have just added to the site below and find your link to Edward and Biddy. Our cousin Paul Morehouse has received permission from the heirs of Ethel Evans Albert to produce a revised and up-dated version of "South West Virginia Kin" which she published in a limited edition in 1976. Paul plans to split the earlier volume up and concentrate first upon the descendants of Edward and Biddy Kelly. To make this new volume as complete and accurate as possible, Paul is asking for your help. Once you find your link to Edward and Biddy, check the data on this site and verify its accuracy and THEN provide Paul with your family data down to the latest generation.You may send your data to him at epm1812@neo.rr.com  or by snail mail to E. Paul Morehouse, P. O. Box 1812, Akron, OH 44309-1812. Paul will attend the reunion and plans to bring his laptop with as much of the new data on it as he can enter by that time.


Thank you Paul for all your hard work and research on this project.



Name: Edward Kelly

Gender: Male

Age: lived to 82 years

Birthday: 1752

Death: 17 Aug 1834

Status: Married to Bridget “Biddy” Nugent

Settled: Russell County, VA


Military: Private in the Revolutionary War (1777-1784)

Occupation: Baptist Minister


Marriage: Record of Marriage

Will: Edward Kelly Will

Document: Indenture

Buried: Edward Kelly Cemetery Russell County, VA





Edward Kelly (1752-1834)

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