Edward Kelly (1752-1834)


Kelly Cemetery Located in Reeds Valley near Lebanon, VA.

Visit this site to get more info on who is buried there and directions to the cemetery.

Edward Kelly Cemetery

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We are hoping to find as many descendants of Edward Kelly as possible. There will be many links to others who have done research on the Kelly family. Feel free to contact us if you have even more information regarding this family.


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Welcome to the Edward and Biddy Kelly descendent website. Edward Kelly (1752-1834) was a private in the Revolutionary War from July 1777 to June 1784. He was a Baptist Minister in Russell County and it has been said that Edward conducted a prayer service with George Washington at Valley Forge.

This site is designed in preparation for a family reunion planned for June 2010 in Russell County, Southwest Virginia. The family reunion will include all descendants of Edward and Biddy as well as Edward’s siblings. We hope to continue the site for years to come in an effort to share information and share genealogical finds. It is always exciting to find a long lost cousin.

In March 2009, we traveled to the Kelly Cemetery and the Russell County Courthouse and Lebanon Library to obtain more information on Edward Kelly and his descendants. We located deeds and pension paperwork on our direct line of descendants. We highly recommend a journey to Reeds Valley to visit the Edward Kelly Cemetery, which sits on land once owned by Edward Kelly and his family. Walking on the rolling green hills and through the valley, you are brought back to your roots. Your imagination of times  in the 18th century can run as quickly as the beautiful Clinch River that flows near by.

Please continue to re-visit this site for further updates and useful links. The Blog will be updated frequently with even more information. Please pass along this information to all other known descendants.

Special thanks to Otis Kelly and his family for all the work and upkeep that has been done to the Edward Kelly Cemetery.

Please read the article in reference to a Military Stone Dedication in 2003 for Edward Kelly.

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